Luton Tornadoes Netball Club

High Wycombe Junior Tournament Saturday 13th June 

The Year 7 and Year 8 teams took part in a day of demanding but thoroughly enjoyable netball in a high quality tournament.

 The Year 7s were without their three regular shooters, but whoever was asked to step up and take on the responsibilities did so with no fuss and a great deal of commitment. An overall record of two wins and two draws from their eight matches doesn’t reflect the effort put in. However, everyone agreed that it had been a thoroughly worthwhile experience. Squad: Ellie, Gabby, Abi, Gi-Tung, Laura, Georgia and Evie and Amy, both Year 6.

The Year 8s played some wonderful netball at times but lacked that bit of consistency which prevented them from finishing higher than 5th out of 9 in their group. Just like last year the standard was very high indeed, so everyone was able to hold their heads up high. Squad: Jessica, Rose, Sophie M, Sophie H, Emma, Charley, Rhianna and Charlotte.

Special mention must go to the Bennetts for bringing a gazebo – thank you so much! For anyone out of the country last Saturday, it rained. A lot! Thanks also to Jo and Phyllis for umpiring all day, and Julie for looking after the Year 7s so well.

Report by Steve R (who did his best at looking after the Year 8s).


Bedford league for youth - Sunday 1st March 2015

This was the second session of the Bedford League. The first was to decide which divisions they would be in.

The year 5/6 team had 2 matches and won both 5:3 and 9:1.

The year 7 team had 1 match and won 13:0

The year 8 team had 1 game and won 16:4

The quality of play improved throughout the games. All girls played with intensity and were tenacious in retrieval of the ball.

They were awesome!!

We were unable to choose a player of any match as they all executed suggestions given at intervals and were playing with enjoyment and wonderfulness at all times.

So proud of them all!!

Julie K


Luton Junior League - Dallow Primary School

16th October 2014

Second week of the league and Torndoes show how wonderful  they are again. The weather was nicer! Thank you to the new teams that came from Bedford League.

Year 5/6

Tornadoes 9:2 Dunstable                                Tornadoes 5:1 Maulden

Year 7/8

Tornadoes  10:8 Cranfield                              Tornadoes 13:0 Dunstable.

Report by Julie

9th October 2014

The first matches for this league took place on Thursday 9th October. It was a drizzly night but this did not dampen the spirits of the young and enthusiastic players.

The year 5/6 girls were all highly versatile (as they have to be). The 3 teams were from Luton Tornadoes, Maulden and Dunstable Netball Clubs. All teams played each other once and the overall winners were Luton Tornadoes. Fabulous play from all girls and their skills improved throughout the matches.

Thank you to Team managers for bringing the girls to Luton to create such a friendly first week for the Luton League.

There were only 2 teams for the year 7/8 girls. Luton Tornadoes had only 7 girls this week and Dunstable had many more!

It was lovely to see the girls fighting for every ball and again their skills and confidence growing as the game progressed. Luton Tornadoes won the game but it has to be noted that Dunstable changed their squad every quarter as there were so many girls whereas Luton Tornadoes had a settled team.

Despite the drizzle it was a superb night of netball enjoyed by teams, coaches, parents and officials.

Many thanks go to Alison for organising it all and Sally Peters and Julie Kightley for umpiring all the matches.

Report by Julie


Stevenage U.13 Tournament, Sept. 28 2014

Our Year 8s made the short trip to Stevenage to take on local rivals Maulden, Hatfield and hosts Stevenage. A lacklustre start saw the girls go down to Maulden 4-9 in the first match, and matters became worse with injuries in each of the next two matches. However, they took this in their stride to record two comfortable wins. The format of the tournament meant playing everyone twice, so there was an opportunity to show Maulden what the real Tornadoes could do. And goodness, did they show them! A win by 15-3, together with two further wins gave Tornadoes a record of 5 wins and 1 loss, enabling them to pip Maulden on goal difference to claim the title, and some nice trophies too. Well done everyone.

Squad: Abi, Amelia (both Year 7), Rhianna, Sophie M, Sophie H, Rose, Charley and Emma. (picture below)

Report by Steve R




High Wycombe Year 7 Tournament, Sat 21 June 2014

 On a beautiful summer's day the Year 7 team played some great netball at times to match the weather. The standard of competition was for the most part very high indeed, and overall this did bring the best out of our girls. The schedule was quite intense, and there were times when the opposition highlighted areas that the coaches will need to focus on in training. Nothing that can't be put right though!

 It's true to say that all the girls made progress during the day and were undoubtedly better players for the experience. They were a pleasure for us to look after and we must thank the support received from their  wonderful parents which helped to make it such a great day.

 Squad: Gabby, Jazz, Rose, Emma, Charley, Sophie M, Rhianna and Freya

Overall record: Played 8, won 4, drew 1, lost 3

Final: MK Netters defeated Watford Premier

Report: Jo and Steve R














Bedford Junior League  2014

Ellie, Freya, Evie, Amy, Emily, Jasmine (photo taken 4th May 2014)













Sunday 30th March 2014

Yr 5/6 vs. Cranfield Pumas, won 7-3

With Tornadoes 4-0 up everything seemed to be going according to plan, with Niamh working hard and the girls creating lots of chances. But after a shaky third quarter Cranfield pulled back to 4-3. Fortunately at this point, when the game could have gone either way, Tornadoes pulled up their socks to score 3 unanswered goals and ultimately finished as comfortable winners.

Yr 5/6 vs. Maulden Ocelots, won 16-1

Although the result of this match was never in doubt, the girls did not sit back and they played with discipline and purpose throughout. Freya in particular worked tirelessly in attack and defence, showing great composure. Evie was a bundle of energy whilst Aoife made some telling interceptions.

Squad: Aoife, Allana, Niamh, Imani, Ellie, Evie & Freya

Player of the day: Freya

Yr 7/8 vs. Olney, lost 12-14

A very entertaing match which saw the lead exchanged on several occasions, with a strong Olney side just having enough experience to outlast a spirited Tornadoes side. Missing the regular GK and GD, Tornadoes showed their versatility by adjusting rapidly and held a 6-4 lead at half time. Sophie M. had a wonderful game at GD giving nothing less than 100%. Rhianna, whether she was asked to play GK or GA just got on with the job, showing a new found determination. Although Tornadoes were edged out in the last quarter, it was a game where we learnt a lot about the girls’ character.

Yr 7/8 vs. Lightning Youth, won 11-8

A physically tough and demanding game brought the very best out of Tornadoes. Sheer determination alone was not going to be enough to win this game. Composure, discipline and tremendous team spirit were all there in abundance as the girls gave everything. Yet again Sophie M. put in an assured performance, whilst Sophie H. played a very steady game at C, helping Tornadoes to a 6-2 half time lead. Charlotte played very well at GS on her return from injury, whilst Rhianna responded positively to again being asked to play both in attack and defence, helping the team respond to Lightning’s late challenge. A game in which all the players showed maturity beyond their years.

Rhianna (GK/GA), Sophie M (GD), Ose (WD/GK), Sophie H (WD/C), Charley (WA), Emma (C/WA/GA), Megan (GK/GS), Charlotte (GS)

Player of the day: Sophie M

Report by Steve R

Sunday 23rd March 2014 

Results year 5/6                Tornadoes 7:2 Grangers Thunder             Tornadoes 10:11 Chiltern Sapphires.

The girls continued in their wonderful way! The first game was a relatively easy win with all playing well and sensibly. The second game was a nail biter as the score reflects. In both games Evie was her usual nippy little self, Ellie was steady and a guiding influence, Imani is now using her height advantage more sensibly and has a better range of movement, Jasmine was storming in each position she played, Freya steady and strong, Niamh fast and determined. They are an amazing squad and are improving week on week. 

Well done girls. Tears of pride were shed by me!!

 Player of the day: Niamh for her determination and speed in only her second game. XXX

 Results year 7/8                     Tornadoes 8:10 Shefford Seekers             Tornadoes 16:5 Shefford Sonics

 As the results show the first game was another close run thing. Despite grit and determination by every player on court we could not withstand the formidable attack as often as was needed. The second game was easier but the Shefford girls fought back valiantly. Rose was her usual rock on defence and played a beautiful WA, Emma was sharp and focused and had a lovely feed into the circle, Jasmine played an awesome GK and not much got past her and her pass on was accurateand sensible, Rhianna was always positioned correctly and drove onto the ball wonderfully, Ose was awesome in WD and marked her player out of the game, Lauren worked so hard and I have never seen her make as many interceptions as today, Megan was a steady controlling GS, Tionne was an ever present threat in defence, popping out of nowhere to intercept balls.  More pride tears! You are all fabulous. 

Player of the day was( unbelievably difficult to choose) Ose due to her athleticism and determination. 

 Thank you to all parents for getting the girls there and being so supportive. You are NEARLY as wonderful as your children. 

Rreport by Julie

Sunday 16th March 2014

YR 5/6

Crawley Tornadoes 6 v Chiltern Sapphires 8

A tough match against Chiltern Sapphires really made the Tornadoes girls work hard. Niamh was great in her support play and Freya had an excellent game both in attack and defence. This match was never going to be easy, but to their credit the girls did not give up.

Crawley Tornadoes 6 v Shefford Spinners 3

In their second match the girls applied their same committed approach, only this time with the right end result. Jasmine gave her all for each position she took on, whilst Evie, and increasingly Imani turned in steady performances. Ellie worked tirelessly at both ends of the court to help ensure a well deserved win. Well done to all the girls.

Squad: Georgia, Ellie, Emily, Niamh, Evie, Freya, Imani and Jasmine.

Player of the day: Freya

Report by Steve R

YR 7/8

Crawley Tornadoes 10 v Maulden Jaguars 8

A very keenly contested match saw Tornadoes ahead throughout but they were never able to break clear of a tenacious Maulden side. Indeed, late on Tornadoes lead was cut to just one goal before the girls rallied to secure victory. Tionne and Jasmine were giving nothing away in defence, and with the increasing steadiness of the centre court players, notably Rose, Tornadoes were able to claim a notable victory.

Crawley Tornadoes 12 v Shefford Seekers 4

Ultimately a comfortable victory, but only achieved through hard work and the girls’ willingness to act upon their coaches advice. By now Rhianna and Sophie M. were developing an effective partnership in the circle, helped by some intelligent feeding from Emma at WA. Sophie H. was having a steadier game as Centre, whilst the defence was as reliable as ever.

Throughout both matches the girls played with a very positive and enthusiastic approach and were a joy to watch.

Team (for both matches): GK – Jasmine, GD – Tionne, WD – Rose, C – Sophie H, WA – Emma, GA – Sophie M, GS - Rhianna

Player of the day: Jasmine

Report by Steve R

Sunday 9th March

 Year 5/6,

Unfortunately their game was conceded by Maulden but they played a friendly against some other girls. It gave an opportunity for Jasmine Sammons to play her first match as she is only year 4! They lost the game 4:3 but had a wonderful time and 2 of the other players were year 7 girls!!!

well done Evie, Jasmine, Jasmine, Imani, Ellie,

 Year 7/8

Match 1 was against Lightning, a team from Dunstable. It was a close first quarter but Ose was playing against a very tall GS and despite being a gazelle she could intercept the ball so the very versatile Caitlin moved from GS to GK and Ose to WD. Rose bravely put on the GS bib. This quarter was again close but the goals were not going in for Rose but Lightning struggled to get the ball to the GS so it was quite even. Ose had to come off as she was injured so a few more changes were made. The courtplay throughout had been powerful and this continued. The last quarter was nailbiting and the game could have gone either way. Charlie (who had moved from WA to GS) got her eye in and alongside wonderful driving attack and superb defence we won through 8:7

 Match 2 was against Olney. Lovely game. Tornadoes had the better court play but again the shots would not go in!! Sophie M and Caitlin were amazing in the cicle defence and the ball flowed beautifully up court between Sophie H, Lauren and Rose and Ose. The movement in the attacking Circle between Charlie and Emma was stunning. Despite this fabulous play the game was lost 14:7.

Players: Sophie M (G/D), Caitlin (GS/GK), Ose (GK/WD), Lauren (C/WA),Rose (WD/GS/WA) Emma (GA) Charlie WA/GS) Sophie H (C/WD/WA)

Report by Julie

Summer league 2013

We entered a year 6, year 5 and a mixed 7/8 team into this league. As a club we have had a lot of success in this league over a period of 8 years since it started. 

 Year 5 team. 

These young girls were in a Pool of 5 and had some really close matches, winning, drawing and losing but all were close matches. As individuals and as a team they grew in stature and performance over the 3 weeks. Very proud of them and the progress they made. 

 Players were: Amelia, Ellie, Jasmine, Katie and Imani. 

 Year 6 team.

These girls are more experienced and played superbly in all their Pool games losing only to St Josephs by 1 goal. They won the semi easily and it was then the nail biter against St Josephs again. 

We took the first quarter 3-0 to give us a comfortable lead but nothing is certain against St Josephs. The second quarter ended 5-2 with wonderful attack and defence from both teams. The last quarter was incredibly tense! Tornadoes started 2 goals ahead but that was rapidly closed by some wonderful attack from St Joe's. Fortunately our defence and and attack was equal to this and our girls won by 2 goals.

Wow! Well done girls. 

 Players were: Sophie M, Charley, Rose, Charlotte, Sophie H.

 Year 7/8 team. 

There was a lot of interest by the girls in this tournament so I had a large number of girls each week to rotate in and out. Thank you in particular to Anisha who played out of position for most of the games! Despite swapping in and out the girls played as a team and worked well together. All the girls improved in their standard of play and confidence in their skills. 

The team was wonderful and after playing 5 matches they were 2nd in the league to a wonderful Maulden team. 

Really well done girls. X

 Players were: Megan, Sasha C, Sasha L, Caitlin, Lauren, Olivia, Adele, Anisha, Georgia, Danielle, Ria.

 A huge thank you again to all our wonderful parents and supporters who brave all weathers alongside their children. 

 Main thanks go to Sandra Clarke who organised the event. 

 Julie K

Mini report on Bedford League for last 2 weeks - 10th March 2013 report by Julie

 Year 5/6

Well done girls for the last 4 Division 1 games. They lost 1, drew 1 and won 2. The 2 wins were nailbiters with the score swinging from side to side until the last whistle.

Players: Rosie, Charley, Sophie, Ellie, Charlotte.


Year 7/8

The girls have played some amazing netball against some VERY strong teams. So far they have lost 3 games and drawn 1 in their division 1 placing. They are wonderful and never allow their heads to drop.

Players over last 2 weeks.

Adele (GD, GA, C, WD, GK) Sasha L (GK, GA, GD) Sasha C (GS, GA, GK) Ellie (GK, WD) Lauren (C, WA, WD) Caitlan (C, WA) Angel (GK, GA, GD, WD) Mya (GK, GS, C) Megan (GS, GK, WA)

They all play well in whatever position I place them. Keep it up girls!

March 2013

After a tiring 12 weeks of wonderful netball by Tornadoes girls and all the other teams  the results are as follows.

All the girls were tireless in every match and fought for every goal scored and every turned around ball. I loved it as they always smiled when the game was over. A number of umpires commented on how wonderful they were- I was particularly proud of this as it shows the respect they have for officials of the game.  Thankyou girls and all the parents who rose early, dragged their children out of bed and shivered or boiled on the sideline!!

High Fives:

Team players:

Charley, Sohie M, Rose, Ellie, Charlotte, Sophie H.

Won Division 1 (there were 4 divisions) with a score of 64. Second were Westoning Meteors with a score of 61.

Came 2nd in the Cup.

They are sooooo proud of their trophies....

Year 7/8:

Team Players:

Core 7 (Most weeks)

Adele (GK, GD), Sasha L (GK,GD) Anisha (WD) Lauren (C, WA) Caitlin C/WA) Megan GS, GA, GK) Sasha C (GA, GS, GK)

Players who guested.

Thankyou so much to these girls who turned out for us when others were ill or unable to play. They were all great.

Danielle (WD/WA), Elisa (GK) Angel (GD/GA) Olivia (WD/C/GD) Myra (C/GS/WA)

They played in Division 1 of 4 divisions and came 7th. Well done girls.

Plate Games they were 4th.

More thanks to the parents without whom none of this could have happened.

Report by Julie K

Bedford Junior League - Sunday 10th February 2013 - report by Julie

The year 7/8 and 5/6 girls played on Sunday 10th Feb in Bedford to decide the divisions they would be playing in for the rest of the Bedford Junior League.


Their first match was hard, particularly so as there were only 6 girls. Despite some wonderful courtplay and active defence the goals would not go in and they lost to a very strong MK Netters team, all of who were year 8. Their second game was closer against an all year 8 team and they drew that game. The rest of the games were won quite easily by the very versatile year 7/8 girls. They played 7 games in all and due to their wonderfulness they will probably be in division 1. As the weather was so cold the girls moved positions in order for them to remain warm. They all played a variety of positions at some point and were awesome as they had only 6 players for all 7 games!

The team was:

Adele Hutchinson (8) GK, C, GD. Caitlan Dunn (7) WA, C, GD. Lauren Ringrose (7) C, WA, GK. Sasha Leonce (8) GA, GK, GD. Megan Cole (7) GS, GA GK. Sasha Campbell (8) GK, GS, GA


The year 5/6 girls had 4 matches. They are a strong squad and proved that by winning all of their games! They played full rotation after each quarter so of the 6 girls 1 stood off for 5 minutes then rotated on in a different position. The weather was even colder for the year 5/6 girls than the year 7/8 but this did not seem to affect them. All played strongly and effectively in any position they played. Again they will probably be in Division 1. Well done girls.

The team was:

Charley Plummer (6) Charlotte Wilson (6) Jasmine Ssajjabbi (5) Rose Day (6) Sophie Morrell (6) Ellie Sammons (5)